Furniture, Restaurant, Signage
About This Project

Our ambition for the interior at DanDan was to create a dynamic visual experience for the guest, which will complement the spice and fragrance of the distinctive Chinese-American cuisine coming from the amazingly talented kitchen. We sought to create both harmony and contrast by weaving the yin and yang of traditional Asian design with edgy, urban-inspired elements pulled from the street culture where the restaurant’s flavors were born.

Elements used to achieve this goal include an eye-popping custom printed mural wrapping the chef’s kitchen, a modern wood and steel twist on a traditional dining pergola that encloses a dining area beneath beautiful overhead drapery, custom restroom formed concrete sinks, and beautiful detail of contrasting light and wood dark finishes throughout. Additionally, hidden within the center of the restaurant is a private chef’s kitchen, EsterEv. This hidden gem houses two large custom tables for guests to enjoy their memorable 10-course menu!

The end result will immerse guests in a true fusion of inspired design, detail and craftsmanship.